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FieldGoals Academy

Teacher Assisting a Student


  • Teachers can become overwhelmed by increased performance expectations.

  • Charter, private and public schools may be unable to obtain State and Federal grant money.

  • New schools do not possess the resources and expertise needed to identify and provide services for the community in which they serve.

  • Quality educational software and textbooks emerge every year - but many schools continue to to use the same, outdated collateral because teachers and administrators just don't have the time to analyze the many options and make choices based on their unique student population. 

Study Group


  • Teacher, Administrator and Leadership focus groups, task force development and seminars

  • State and Federal testing and student performance analysis with practical solutions

  • On-site teacher training

  • Software/Textbook evaluation, testing and selection

  • Instructional product consultation

  • Grant consultation, writing and research fulfillment

  • Ad Hoc professional development including computer training, language, acquisition and developing resources

  • Online parent, community and staff benchmark and tracking studies



  • IMPROVE TEST SCORES - State and Federal, private guidelines, identify factors leading to the reduction of scores and areas which can be improved quickly.

  • Provide staff with the support and advanced training they need to perform their jobs more effectively.

  • Utilize financial resources to enable your teachers to focus ON THE STUDENTS.

  • Match state-of-the-art textbooks, software and technology to your teacher and student populations and grade levels.

  • EMPOWER YOUR STAFF with the ability to address any issues or changes with confidence and integrity.

FieldGoals Academy fearlessly provides education research. Formed through a collaboration of winning educators, research experts, and leading elementary and secondary school administrators - we are educators helping educators - and we understand that quality and time are your greatest concerns.

We are education experts.  We possess deep content expertise in nearly all realms of K-16 education. We are rigorously trained researchers. We have unparalleled skills in qualitative, quantitative, and policy research methods. We are mission-driven. Our staff care deeply about education and students - and about creating opportunities for all students to succeed. 

We provide solutions for significant education challenges in the US - with a staff diversified enough to address public and private sectors in urban, suburban, and rural geographies.  With over 75 years combined academic experience, FieldGoals Academy has uncovered startling areas of weakness in our educational systems and solved them with unique and expeditious approaches.​

Students Taking Exams
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