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Lori J. Mader

Managing Partner

Lori J. Mader, Managing Partner at FieldGoals.US, is a consumer research and user experience professional

specializing in broadcast media research, healthcare system and provider research and product development for 55+ older adults. Mader formerly spearheaded The Results Network, Inc., a full-service field and focus group facility.


Mader graduated magna cum laude from the Pennsylvania State University with multiple degrees in Marketing, Research and Technical Writing, and is a Rising Master of Community and Economic Development. Her experience includes a decade in Wholesale Marketing for Exxon Company, USA in Houston, Texas and more than 25 years as an executive consultant, speaker, author, and moderator specializing in quantitative and qualitative marketing and health care research.


Mader’s skills in moderating have been recognized by the Pennsylvania Association for Justice, the American Association for Justice, the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal and numerous consumer research organizations. She has also been keynote speaker for the Marketing Research Association, PANPHA, and the Horst Senior Living Conference.


Mader has owned and operated three event venues in Central PA. Paramount in her development of these facilities has been a passion for creating a community filled with green spaces and healthy activities -  and Mader endeavors to use sustainable resources and environmentally friendly construction techniques to provide discreet and serene spaces for both business and pleasure.


Mader is a devoted mother of five, grandmother to eight and enjoys biking, hiking and spending time with her large family. She plays the piano, loves music, reading, and is a self-professed “news enthusiast”.

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