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Our state-of-the-art facilities and nationwide recruitment services are unrivaled. From traveling A/V technicians and proprietary video streaming service -  to our 12-foot, one-way mirrors - our client references will provide you with the comfort level you need to let us handle all of your projects on and offsite.


Any market, any audience

On the Phone

With over 25 years of successful local and nationwide focus group recruiting experience, our core focus is providing clients with a high-level audience -because as moderators and analysts, we know that exceeding the needs and expectations of clients is critical to the salience of any research initiative.


FieldGoals.US has the expertise to meet your most rigorous research criteria. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and integrity.

  • 25 years of recruitment experience

  • Owner-operated

  • Highly trained & educated, in-house recruiters

  • Nationwide database (The Heard)

  • Call List Specialist

  • 95% average show rate

  • Traveling team of moderators, hosts and A/V technicians


Welcome to The Event Cafe

Our magnificent new focus group facility, FieldGoals at The Event Cafe, provides a spacious, sophisticated, industrial-chic venue for large and small focus groups, one-on-one interviews, auditorium studies and music evaluations, mock trials with breakouts and NOW professional meetings and receptions.

With a pristine interior bathed in history and an uncluttered think-tank design to encourage collaboration and innovation, FieldGoals at The Event Cafe services the Harrisburg, York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania markets. Farmers, small business owners and physicians - along with consumers from urban, suburban and rural backgrounds can gather, break bread and speak freely in a calm and inviting environment.

A 12-foot, one-way mirror invites your team to observe and reflect in the Capitol Observation Suite, while the elegant Griffin Boardroom seats up to 20 focus group respondents, with a spectacular, custom wood ceiling, sound-proof wallboard and dual robotic cameras with remote operation by our in-house A/V technician.

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