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Market Research with Heart

insights . intelligence . integrity

Full Service Research Design and Execution

Throw away your little black book of research vendors and use our comprehensive, in-house services to maintain consistency, accountability, and continuity. Our team is led by the top researchers in the industry with over 50 years' combined experience in consumer insights, analytics and strategy.

Banking & Financial

FieldGoals.US provides exceptional opportunities for financial service providers to harvest information and create a customer-focused business. Our academic financial research team understands the pressures that you and your stakeholders face. We will work with you to develop the products and services, the messages and positioning, and the brand and strategy needed to dominate your market.


The professionals at FieldGoals.US guide healthcare institutions - hospitals, healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers and professional organizations - through competition, consolidation and evolving delivery systems.

Municipal & Community

FieldGoals.US' Voice of the Community Survey was developed by our academic research experts to product clear, unbiased, actionable results on which local government leaders can rely.


FieldGoals Academy fearlessly provides education research. Formed through a collaboration of winning educators, research experts and leading elementary and secondary school administrators - we are educators helping educators - and we understand that quality and time are your greatest concerns.

Government Services

FieldGoals.US has the certifications and experience necessary to connect local, state and federal agencies to their constituents. Our community-based, grassroots research initiatives provide actionable insights with a focus on budgetary stewardship.

Trial Consulting

As a full-service trial consultant, FieldGoals.US provides attorneys with the control and confidence crucial to success in negotiating settlements and strength in courtroom presentations. Our in-house recruitment expertise allows FieldGoals.US to choose the potential jurors demographically representative of any county or district to help gain insights into your case utilizing a variety of tools.

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