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Provider, Insurance and System Insights

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FieldGoals.US grounds its work in independence and integrity. We combine professional expertise with a rigorous approach to solving problems. We deliver value to every client, including the more expansive health and human services communities.


FieldGoals.US serves the private sector, non-profits and the state and federal government.  As a WBENC, Small Diversified Business, ITQ certified in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, clients apply Fieldgoals.US’ strategic insights and quantitative rigor to their work. Clients appreciate how our relatable insights inform policy decisions that support older adults and individuals with disabilities.

The professionals at FieldGoals.US guide healthcare institutions - hospitals, healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers, and professional organizations  through competition, consolidation, and evolving delivery systems. We reach out to audiences including:

  • Consumers - new parents, seniors, women and teenagers, Medicare and Medicaid recipients, special needs, caregivers, and donors.

  • Medical Professionals - Primary Care physicians and specialists, nurses, medical directors, and medical staff.

  • Health Professionals - Case and Benefits Managers and Insurance Brokers. 

We have earned national respect for our data-driven strategies. This approach allows our clients to quantify, analyze, and address the health and social service needs of core audiences.


FieldGoals.US’ research fuels innovation. It helps clients who are serving the country's most vulnerable populations achieve their program goals more quickly and this improves access to programs that can improve the lives of older adults, those with disabilities and low-income populations.

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