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Simply your survey.

Introducing the newest innovation from FieldGoals.US; streamlining consumer and employee insights to make data accessible to small businesses.

The Concept

We believe in small businesses. And we love data. So providing access to insights that add value to the business practices of our peers is part of our culture. Let our team design a questionnaire that will answer your burning questions without a large investment or long-term commitment. 

You are an expert on your own business, you don't need to be a survey expert, too! Provide us with basic goals and we will frame them into research objectives to provide actionable findings that create tangible organizational benefits. Survey Simple questionnaires include up to 20 questions crafted by our team of seasoned quantitative researchers.

What is included?

With Survey Simple, for a flat rate our team will design a custom questionnaire to address:

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction and profiles

  • Advertising resonance and targeting

  • Growing market share

Our team will then provide a link to a programmed online survey that can either be shared by your team, or sent to your list by FieldGoals. FieldGoals will provide raw data of the results.

For an additional fee we will provide:

  • Data analysis and recommendations

  • Online sample

    • For clients without internal lists or seeking opinions of outside consumers​


Restrictions & Recommendations

  • Survey Simple is a service available only to small businesses, meaning companies and organizations with <$1M in revenues annually.

  • Survey Simple is not a substitute for large full-service studies and should be considered a starting point for research services. Please see our other pages for information about our qualitative and quantitative research services.

Call a member of our team today to talk about your goals. 

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